Boundary Agreements

Boundary disagreements or disputes can occur for a variety of reasons, many involving only a few inches of land. Such disagreements and disputes can usually be fairly easily resolved with the early input of expert advice. At Northwood Carter we have considerable experience in determining and establishing boundaries between properties through a variety of means including by surveying the physical features on the land, checking deeds and the plans attached to them together with historical documents and
aerial photographs.

Although the Land Registry records boundaries on large scale Ordnance Survey maps, these may not define the exact legal boundary. For example, the red lines on Land Registry title plans only usually show general boundaries and do not show if the boundary runs along the centre of a fence or along one side of it.

Boundaries can also move with time. When a fence had been repaired or replaced, it is not always replaced in its original location, which can often lead to a dispute if not agreed between the owners beforehand.

We can provide advice on all aspects of boundary disagreements and disputes involving land and buildings. We are also able to undertake accurate measured surveys in order to identify current boundary positions and compare these in relation to title deeds, historical maps or aerial photographs. Where it is not possible to settle a boundary disagreement and is develops into a dispute, we are able to prepare compliant expert
witness reports and attend court hearings where required.