Construction Contract Disputes

When building works result in defective construction or the works are completed, but not as agreed in contract or subsequent instructions, Northwood Carter can provide expert advice to assist the parties in settling the matters in dispute.

Whilst it is prudent to draw up a written list of requirements and formally enter into a contract before work starts and to document any variations that take place during the works in writing, this is not always the case and the parties can sometimes be unclear as to what is required and expected of them

Common causes of construction contract disputes that we have experience of resolving are as follows:-

  • Works not being completed as agreed
  • Contractor requires more money to finish the build
  • Contractor leaves the project without it being finished
  • Concerns over quality of work and deviations from the specifications
  • Time management including delays and incidents
  • Changes in the client’s requirements

To resolve contract disputes it is important to have expert advice early on. Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements and find out how we can help you.