Defect Analysis and Pathology

There are times in the lifecycle of a building where a particular concern may arise over its condition. The defect may be due to a range of reasons: a fault in construction, a failure of materials, inadequacy of the original design or poorly conceived alterations.

We undertake a range of targeted inspections across various building types using appropriate survey equipment to establish the cause or causes of the particular concern, together with recommendations for repair, timescales and likely costs.

Some examples of the types of specialist defect analysis we regularly undertake include; leaks, damp, movement, cracking, bulging and timber decay.

Our recommendations will vary depending on the type of defect or defects identified. Some defects can be readily resolved through improvement or repair works, whereas others may require monitoring over a period of time to identify the true nature of the defect and urgency of repairs.

We will produce a formal report on completion of investigations and inspections which can vary in detail to suit your requirements from bullet points to a fully compliant expert witness report. This type of analysis provides you with answers to your concerns quickly and allows you to arrange a suitable remedy which we can implement for you.