Licence to Access and Oversail

Access is often required to an adjoining owners land to undertake work or repairs to your property. Likewise, an adjoining owner may need to gain access to your land. Unless the works are in pursuance of the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 or there is an express right in the property title documents, there may not be a right of access and the interests of the parties need to be protected. We can provide assistance by negotiating and formalising the terms of access in an agreement, often termed a ‘Licence’.

Amongst other things, the Licence will contain details of the access being requested, an agreed duration and measures to protect against damage and bring a measure of certainty between the parties. We often assist with the preparation and negotiation of Licence’s for Access, Scaffold Licenses and Crane Oversail Licences both for the party requesting access and that of whom access is being requested.