Project Management & Project Co-ordination

Embarking on a new build, major refurbishment or extension can be quite daunting.  Quite apart from the unfamiliar territory, substantial time and energy need to be put into the project by the client to ensure they get what they want.

In its purest form, project management sees the consultant standing in the shoes of the Employer appointing the consultants and contractors on behalf of the client, so relieving them of much of the effort involved.  Project co-ordination is more of a hand-holding exercise working more closely with the client advising on the options available, potential problems that might exist and “translating” the construction process so that the client’s input can be more effective.

Northwood Carter has experience of steering a number of complex projects through to a successful completion on behalf of their clients.  In many cases, we have found the clients prefer the project co-ordination role as they wish to take an active interest in the work that is being undertaken for them and so learn a lot about what is being delivered along the way.  Many construction projects are a complex assembly of numerous individuals brought together to create a bespoke design for the client.  Every project is unique and so the Project Manager is there to help the client achieve what they originally envisaged within an agreed time frame and at an expected cost.