Repair of Defects

Not unusually, the first time someone becomes aware of a building defect is when cracks appear, water cascades internally or parts of the building fall off.  In most cases, these are just the visible result of the building defect.  Natural processes of degradation and ageing cause building components to corrode, crack or simply fragment.  Alongside this, expansion and contraction due to thermal movement or water absorption can all take their toll on the fabric of the building.

As specialist Chartered Building Surveyors, Northwood Carter is able to undertake the necessary investigations to establish the cause(s) of the defect(s) and from this, recommend appropriate repairs.  Our role in this will be to prepare the necessary specification documents and drawings, sometimes in conjunction with other specialists, to ensure the correct repairs are undertaken by the selected contractor.  NOTE:  In some cases, it may be necessary to have materials analysed by specialist laboratories to identify the components to ascertain that the right mix of materials were applied in the first instance.

All too often defects can result in a patch repair  which only provides a short-term remedy and does not provide a long-term remedy and the certainty for the client is to avoid loss of productive time or additional costs in continually undertaking patch repairs.