Schedules of Condition

There are times when it is necessary to factually record the condition of a building. This may be prior to building works being undertaken on adjoining premises or at the beginning of a lease where the obligation to reinstate is qualified to the condition evidenced by the schedule.  Our work as Building Surveyors is to methodically record the condition of all the relevant elements.  It is often suggested that photographs on their own are suitable but these cannot capture the detail, for instance, where there are cracks or door and window ironmongery is not functioning but they can support the schedule of condition.

The schedule wording can be tailored to meet the particular requirements. For instance, a schedule attached to a lease will have a different emphasis than one where works are being carried out to an adjoining property.  Where building works are being carried out, both sides have the benefit of a professionally prepared schedule.  For those carrying out the building works, there is much less risk of spurious claims and for the neighbours, there is the comfort that if any damage does occur, it will be clearly evident.

Where leases are concerned it is vital to have a written record of all works and alterations. The schedule of condition, when properly prepared and linked to the lease covenants, provides a long-term record attached to the lease that will be available when the financial implications of a dilapidations claim become a reality.