Service Charge Disputes

Service charges are often a covenant agreed within a lease or tenancy agreement. These charges are raised by the Landlord to cover specific costs typically incurred to provide services and maintenance to the building.

The service charge disputes can take a variety of forms but the most common is a result of a leaseholder complaint, suggesting the landlord has not carried out required repairs or maintenance despite having collected the levy from the tenant. Disputes can also arise from:

  • The necessity for planned repairs and maintenance
  • The cost and extent of proposed repairs
  • Landlord improvements of the property being levied from the service charges
  • Quality of tender and contract documents
  • Concerns about the section 20 consultation process carried out in accordance with the Landlord and Tenant Act

As Chartered Building Surveyors we will look to inspect the property and review documents relating the dispute to advise and assist with resolving the matters in dispute.